Saturday, July 8, 2017

History of Enrolled Agents

History of Enrolled Agents
  • The following is provided as an overview of how Enrolled Agents fit into the US tax system. Post Civil War (April 12, 1861 – April 09, 1865) Congress enacted legislation that gave citizens of the US authority to make claims for the value of horses and other property lost during the Civil War. These claims were to be filed with the Treasury Department.
    • It soon became evident that more claims had been submitted than horses lost?
  • July 7, 1884 - Under President Chester Arthur, the General Deficiency Appropriation Bill (HR 2735) signed into law. (known as the Horse Act of 1884 or the Enabling Act.)
  • This law gave the Secretary of the Treasury authority to regulate the admission of attorneys and agents who represented claimants before the Treasury Department and to take appropriate disciplinary action against those who failed to comply with the regulations or who were incompetent.
  • 1966- More revisions to Circular 230 became effective in September 1966.
  • The Treasury Department/IRS agreed to continue the Special Enrollment Exam and provide an official name for these representatives by establishing the “Enrolled Agent” designation.
  • 1994 More revisions to Circular 230 became effective in 1994.
  • Enrolled Agents were approved to use the initials “EA" to denote the Enrolled Agent title.

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